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Red, White and Blue… Oh, and green.

Week 3: Hypocrisy
By Daniel Browne

No less than forty American politicians have admitted to having smoked marijuana sometime in their lives. The list includes notable names such as Clinton, Bush Jr., Gore and Schwarzenegger. More importantly, Barack Obama, who has made no attempt to decriminalise drugs, writes openly in his book ‘Dreams from My Father’ that “Pot had helped… maybe a little blow when you could afford it.” For now we’ll disregard his oh-so-casually referred to cocaine usage and focus on his little green ‘helper’.

The state of Connecticut provides a perfect example of the harsh sentences that Obama defends; Possession of less than four ounces of marijuana could see you spending up to a year in prison, being fined a thousand dollars, or, if you’re really unfortunate, both. If you find yourself getting arrested for possession in front of a school or day-care centre you’ll have your punishment mandatorily extended by two years. Let’s for a second imagine that Barack had been caught with his helpful herb in his home state of Hawaii, where terms of incarceration for possession of less than an ounce can be up to 30 days with a familiar thousand dollar fine possibly added; America would not have seen its first black president and our dear Obama would have become one of the 40 odd per cent of prison inmates who share his skin colour… nothing more than a statistic who’s most likely to reoffend in a more serious manner once released.

My advice to Barack Obama: leave the stoners alone, you’re permitting a social and economic cancer that can easily be removed with a quick incision. And my advice to you: don’t say no to drugs, you might end up president one day.


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