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Finishing up

So here we are, at the end of what was meant to be eleven weeks of regular posts.

Through exploring the more humorous side to the law I’ve realised that it’s probably something we should all take seriously, even if it is just to avoid a needless fine. We’ve found laws that we never knew existed, some that shouldn’t, and others that our society would struggle without.

My final wish is to share with you a quote from my year 9 woodwork teacher, “it’s not illegal if you don’t get caught.” Make what you want of it. Keep in mind that he also told us that the Woomera detention centre was named as such because a woomera is a device used by Aboriginal Australians to secure a spear (refugee) before throwing it (deportation). The idiot was certain the origin of the name was purely metaphoric, paying no attention to the geographic location of the facility (Woomera, South Australia).

Don’t believe everything you hear and read, and definitely don’t take the advice of any halfwit trade teachers.

Behave yourselves,



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