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Smuggle Struggle

Week 7: Smuggling
By Daniel Browne

As the war on drugs heightens, criminalistics entrepreneurs all across the globe have resorted to other ways of continuing to fund their exploits. The best, it seems, have step-by-step guides found at your local Blockbuster video.

Tunnelling has, for centuries, been the ultimate way of getting things from point A to point B without raising alarm. Following the same logic as internal body smuggling, you either find or make a hole big enough and fill it with whatever you like. Firearms, cigarettes, animals… you name it! If only Steve McQueen’s character ‘Hilts’ had figured that one out, he and his POW buddies could have had themselves one hell of a party, and made a mint in the process.


A calf being smuggled across the Egyptian-Gaza border

The film Contraband also features a pretty nifty way of stashing prohibited goods while on open waters. I’ll try not to give away too much in saying that it’s a clever adaptation of a technique originally used by the Brits who would dump their gear overboard attached to floating markers to allow for convenient recollection. Hmm, I wonder if it’d work with people…



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