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Week 10: Surveillance Laws
By Daniel Browne

As part of the changes made to global security measures in the wake of the September 11 attacks the Surveillance Devices Bill was passed through the Federal Parliament of Australia. The purpose of the bill was to broaden the “circumstances in which Federal law enforcement agencies… can covertly use data, optical, listening and tracking surveillance devices”.

The bill also allows Federal Police to acquire data surveillance warrants which would grant them the ability to secretly install key logging software in suspect’s computers. We’ll just have to hope the purpose of such a change in legislation is actually for ‘data surveillance’ purposes and isn’t just a ploy to access material that would otherwise require a search warrant, i.e. my banking info, or god forbid, my Facebook account.

It may seem a bit dodgy at first, but before you start questioning just where your rights went let’s remember that in order to obtain a warrant authorities would have to prove probable cause. If you, through your internet or day-to-day activity, have given anyone enough of a reason to deem you a likely risk then there’s no denying that you probably need a hell of a lot more than just your internet conversations monitored. One cavity search coming right up!


Don’t look so grumpy Mr inverted eyebrows, we all know you’re probably a paedophile


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