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Stay out of trouble!

Written by Sally Naylor-Hampson
Signing off…

The whacky, the strange, the funny, the serious, the personal, the outdated, the offensive, the hypocritical. We’ve covered it all here at Illegally Blog.

So to sign off here are a few reminders to keep you out of jail:

– If you’re planning on buying a pig in France, don’t call it Napoleon

– Find a spouse before your holiday in Florida, unless you want to be jailed for parachuting on a Sunday

– Don’t chew gum in Singapore

– If you’re a toothless woman moving to Vermont, make sure your husband gives you written permission to wear those fake teeth

– Shave off that mustache when travelling to Eureka, Nevada, USA, or you won’t be kissing any women

– Take that ice-cream cone out of your pocket whilst in Kentucky, USA

… Thanks for reading!


One response to “Stay out of trouble!

  1. Outrageous stuff!
    Definitely a lot lighter and perhaps more fun than my final post!
    Been totally fab working with you guyz

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